Bike riders code

May 19, 2012 at 09:14 | Posted in bicycles | Leave a comment

When I went down to the parking garage after work to get my bike the other day, I noticed something was missing. Finally! The poor, orphaned Reid hybrid that had been sitting there for months and months had finally gone. At last! Perhaps the owner had finally remembered that they had a bike in the garage, and perhaps also remembered how much fun it was to ride to work, and had pedalled off into the sunset.

Or perhaps it was something more sinister. For around the same time, the following notice also went up over the bike racks – the ‘unwritten bike riders code’.

‘Fellow bike riders beware.’ it declaimed in solemn tones. ‘We have a thief and vandal amongst us’. Goodness. It seems some things have gone missing from various bikes. Nothing from mine, I’m pleased to say. Probably because all my stuff is so old, tatty and smelly that no-one wants it.

So I hope the poor old Reid did go home with its rightful owner, and has not been spirited away by a Thief And Vandal. Or if it was, I hope the said Thief And Vandal is treating it well and riding it often. Whichever way, it seems it’s not being ridden into work, as since it vanished a few weeks ago I haven’t yet seen it return. Still, it’s handy to have some more space in the bike rack.

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