The Fry Chronicles – Stephen Fry

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One always looks for a lighter read on holidays, so whilst we were away visiting family in the UK, I read the second installment of Stephen Fry’s autobiography, which covers his life from university through to him establishing his early career in comedy and on TV.

And it rattles along as you’d expect; the use of language is sublime and Fry can certainly tell a wicked anecdote. Add to all this show-biz luvvie-ness a good dollop of self-doubt and some self-esteem issues, and we start to get some measure of Fry – he presents himself honestly, although at times his hand wringing does get a little much. Still, it’s a fun read and hard to put down – just the ticket for some light holiday reading.

I read this book on a kindle, my first experience of using a dedicated e-reader. And I have to say it was marvelous; I am a convert. Much easier than a ‘real’ book, and the screen really is easy on the eye in the way reading books on my phone or a tablet  is not. However, I do have a gripe; does no-one proof-read digital editions? I was reading the official version downloaded from Amazon onto their own reader, and yet scattered through the text are issues with ‘funny’ characters – unusual punctuation or superscript characters rendered instead as gobbledegook. Surely publishers should take more care with their digital editions, and do more than just download the text into an e-book format and hope for the best?


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