Christmas biscuits

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I am sorry, dear readers, for the hiatus in regular posting on my blog. I took a break from it over the summer, as we moved house, had family descend and generally just seemed to be crazy busy. However, hopefully normal service can now be resumed – thank you for your patience.

And what better place to start than with the biscuits I was given over the festive season. Two novelty Arnott’s packs, indeed.

The first was a kind of cardboard stocking thing, containing two Tim Tams, a Mint Slice, a Scotch Finger / Nice combo, a Wagon Wheel and some Choc Tiny Teddies. The best bit of this was the individually wrapped Tim Tams. They feel much more grown-up when individually dressed up, and I really think that there could be a market for packets of six of these, for popping in lunch boxes and so on. Or perhaps it’s just nostalgia for the Penguins of my (British) youth.

The other, much more exciting one, was a tin in the shape of a car. This I was very pleased with, and made ‘brumm brumm’ noises as I drove it around the floor, much to the delight of Toddler Chillikebab, who than proceeded to do the same. What I didn’t reveal to Toddler Chillikebab was that the top came off, revealing a number of packs of the ‘Scotch Finger / Nice’ combo.

Here’s to a 2012 full of happy biscuit eating!


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