Selling the muse

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In the end, it was quite a snap decision. ‘Why don’t you just buy the Peugeot off me?’ I found myself saying, as I discussed yet again the bike that a friend was going to buy.

‘I’d love to – that would be perfect. I like that bike.’ came the response, and it was done. The bike that got me back into cycling, that got me fit again, that I had spent more time cherishing and working on than any other bike I have ever owned, the bike I felt most sentimental about – gone.

It all started about six months ago, when a colleague from work was toying with the idea of riding to work. Never one to let an opportunity to get another cyclist on the roads go by, I immediately offered to lend him a bike to give it a go. So he took the Peugeot, along with my SPD shoes (!) and gave it a try, commuting from the north shore to North Sydney.

Of course, he soon got hooked. ‘I smashed it this morning’, he would enthuse. ‘Passed the bus really early on, and just cruised in. So much faster than driving!’. And then later on, ‘I passed my first person on the hill up the Spit today. I’m officially no longer the slowest person on the road!’. And when he started arriving in his cycling gear in the pouring rain, I knew he was terminally addicted.

And we kept discussing what kind of bike he should buy. We both drooled over Masi, and discussed the Surly LHT. We went to shops, and they never seemed to have what we wanted in stock. People failed to call him back with prices. I even found the perfect bike for him – a Salsa Vaya – in stock in a city bike store, but when he went there for some reason the assistant showed him some cheap commuter and he came away disillusioned. Maybe it was the gods intervening, but it just seemed really hard for this guy to buy a bicycle!

In the meantime, he was riding the Peugeot to and fro. And loving it. Even a snapped chain going up the Spit wasn’t enough to put him off. So when we yet again got to talking about a bike for him, I suddenly made my rash offer. “I love that bike’, he said. ‘That would be perfect!’. So the deal was done. My muse had moved on.

Perhaps its work was done. It had got me fully addicted, and the owner of a stable-full of bicycles. It was time for it to do its magic on someone else. And perhaps, just perhaps, in the future when my friend is choosing which of the six bicycles he now owns to ride to work in the morning, and he sees someone else looking to try riding, perhaps it will be time for the Peugeot to once again move on, to enthuse another novice rider with the joys of cycling.

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