Tina Wafer

June 13, 2011 at 15:19 | Posted in biscuits | 1 Comment
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Tina Wafer. I wonder who she is? Perhaps a weathergirl:
and now we cross to Tina Wafer to tell us what the weather has in store tomorrow
or perhaps an air hostess:
and looking after our passengers in the economy cabin today is Tina Wafer‘.
The WhitePages reveals that there are only 18 Australian households with the family name ‘Wafer’, and none of them are ‘T’. However, there are three bone fide Tina Wafers in the US. I’m very tempted to send all three of them a packet of these biscuits.  If you’re out there, Tina, do get in touch!

Now, I’m not a big fan of wafers. But I was expecting these to simply be smaller versions of the ‘Triple Wafers‘ previously reviews, perhaps packaged up for small fingers. It seems, however, that they are not. They seem to be lower quality; the cocoa one is less chocolaty, the plain one more sickly and insipid. The pink one tastes the same, but then all pink wafers taste the same pink taste, so that’s no surprise. All a bit disappointing, really. I’d say a three out of ten.

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  1. Tina wafers are my weakness they rule just like Alan jones

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