Chocolate Butternut Snap

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I sometimes wonder how Arnott’s choose which biscuits to put chocolate on. I imagine there is a ‘coatings department’ up in the rarefied atmosphere on the top floor where skilled biscuiteers gather to discuss whether the Milk Coffee is worthy of a chocolate coating, or if there is a market for an Iced Marie. Each time they meet I imagine the factory going quiet, each worker waiting in anticipatory silence to hear the latest pronouncement. And then the Head of Coatings would come out onto the balcony, and clear his or her throat as the workers crane forward to see. ‘The new biscuit will be…:’ By now you would hear a pin drop, as every man, woman and child in the factory holds their breath – ‘the Chocolate Coated Butternut Snap!’. The factory erupts into roars of approval, flat caps are thrown high into the air, and the workers dance and clasp one another, tears of joy streaming down their faces…

Ahem. Sorry, got a bit carried away there. Still, the idea of putting a chocolate coating on the Butternut Snap is no doubt a good one. It all goes together quite harmoniously with the topping adding chocolatey richness to the biscuit without overpowering the flavour of the original.

I’d give these nine out of ten. Definitely a good one to pull out when you have guests.

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