Facing the cops…

May 30, 2011 at 19:52 | Posted in bicycles | 2 Comments
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I found the whole experience of going to court rather stressful and bruising; it is a horrible experience that is designed to be intimidating. I stewed on it for the whole weekend, and even though I ‘won’ I really didn’t feel much sense of satisfaction or closure, and was in all honesty starting to wish I had just paid the fine and dropped the matter.

Then, this morning, as it by fate, the cops were on Pyrmont Bridge again. A fellow cyclist saw them up ahead and warned me. Dispirited, I turned around, planning to go around the convention centre. But they had spotted me, and I heard them approach; the swish of their tyres clear behind me on the wet asphalt.

I stopped, and I prepared myself for another lecture. It was the same cops, of course, and they recognised me.

Summoning up some enthusiasm, I greeted them. “Good morning, Officer! Actually I have some really good news for you this morning!’.

He raised his eyebrows quizzically.

‘I was in court on Friday, defending myself against two counts of riding without a helmet. And I’m pleased to say that the magistrate recorded a verdict of ‘no conviction’!’

Some further discussion ensued, and I explained what had happened in court with the cops looking increasingly crestfallen.

‘OK, ride on’, the cop said. ‘Go on.’ He waved me on my way with an irritated wave.

Suddenly, my mood lifted. I laughed out loud. I sang. I splashed through the puddles like a kid, and I felt a weight lift from my mind. This was what it had all been for. The hours of preparation, the taking time away from work and my family to go to court, the stress of giving evidence and the anger and impotence I felt being lectured by the magistrate. This is why I did it.

Just to ride my bike.


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  1. …too too brilliant!!!! – great stuff! – well done

  2. Awesome! Enjoy your sweet, sweet victory over the forces of prejudice and stupidity!

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