Farmbake Butter Shortbread

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There’s something quite appealing to me about biscuits that come in bags. They are associated in my mind with a sort of devil-may-care eat-as-many-as-you-like attitude, possibly because when I was small my parent used to sometimes buy large bags of broken biscuits from the market, and you had to eat them quickly as they were usually on the verge of going stale. You don’t see broken biscuits at the market any more for some reason; markets nowadays seem to be more about hideous china cups and retro (meaning ‘broken’) electrical goods.

These butter shortbread are made with 14% butter, and are the same size as the Choc Chip Cookies, at 45mm across. They are thicker though, especially in the centre as they are quite domed. You get a generous 28 biscuits in a packet, so can make yourself feel quite ill if you choose to eat a lot of them in one go. I can attest to this from experience.

Leaving aside the fact that when you hit biscuit number twenty all that butter sitting in your stomach makes you rather queasy these are really quite pleasant. Nice and crunchy with quite a rich flavour; although if I was to be picky I’d say the vegetable oil comes through just a bit too strongly – perhaps they could have done with slightly more butter?

I’m going to give these a solid seven out of ten.


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