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I am very excited to announce that Baby Chillikebab has graduated. She took her first steps a few weeks ago, and has been gradually gaining confidence walking upright since. As such, she will henceforth be known as ‘Toddler Chillikebab’.

Going along with this new found locomotion is a high degree of curiosity about everything – especially the heaters, which we have had on from time to time given the chilly weather. Mrs Chillikebab therefore told me to do something to prevent little fingers getting burned, so I took it upon myself to build a kind of gate / enclosure thing that would block access to the gas fire.

After designing a very swish wooden affair with upright bars I set off to the hardware store to get the bits. The timber I wanted came in five metre lengths – and even for the Radish this seemed too much. The man helpfully cut them down to three metres for me to load onto the bike.

The staff in the store seemed most amused as I loaded up and rode off, and offered to put some hazard tape on the protruding planks. Riding home was very easy, even though I was reaching the pedals over the top of the bundle of wood.

I haven’t finished building the thing yet, of course. My airy ‘should only take an hour or so’ prompted the rejoinder from Mrs Chillikebab ‘so that’s the rest of the day then’. Actually even the rest of the day wasn’t enough, although it is almost finished. Oh well. A few more days of the ‘cold house vs burned fingers’ dilemma…


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