Farmbake Chocolate Chip Cookies

April 19, 2011 at 11:11 | Posted in biscuits | 3 Comments
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The choc-chip cookie. An international classic, apparently invented in the 1930s in Massachusetts. Arnott’s evidently want to bring a kind of rural idyll to mind with these biscuits, as they form part of the ‘farmbake’ range. They also come in a bag, rather than the more usual packet. This means that there are always some broken morsels to be enjoyed from the end of the bag which is fun, but also means the biscuits are generally covered in a light dusting of crumbs which form as they are transported.

As far as I can tell, they are identical to the mini version Arnott’s also make, with one exception. The mini version has 24% chocolate chips, whilst the grown-up version has only 13%. This is because there is an international standard that states that Chocolate Chip Cookies have to contain at least 12 chocolate chips, meaning that smaller cookies often end up with more chocolate in order to comply with the standard.

In any case way they taste just like their mini counterparts, except they last longer. The bag is also quite large  at 400g, which is very welcome after the rather spartan portions found in the mini ones.

For some reason we always seem to have these when on a long car journey, so usually arrive at our destination with crumbs all down ourselves. I’d say a solid seven out of ten.


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  1. Your blog is informative especially concering biscuits.
    I am glad to learn from you that there is an Internatinal standard on chocolate chip biscuits:at least 12 per cent chocolate chips.

    There is a chocolate chip biscuit that is widely available in Japan, but which I have never hunted just because I don’t like the idea about its cocolate chip content of 12 per cent.
    I have not felt like admitting that they are chocolate chip biscuits.
    However, I have to admit from now that they are real chocolate chip biscuits as they meet the international standard.

    Recently Tohato ,one of Japan’s leading biscuit bakers, has released a wonderful chocolate chip biscuit called “Lubre”.
    They are divine chocolate chip biscuits with as much as 40 per cent chunky chocolate chips.
    I hope that the International standard will be more stringent like ” Chocolate chip biscuits have to contain at least 30 per cent chocolate chips”…

  2. I think we all hope that the standard continues to be improved for the benefit of choc chip cookie lovers everywhere.

    Perhaps you should lobby the international Biscuit Federation:

  3. Bought my first ever bag of these yesterday and wasn’t impressed. I suspect they’ve changed since your review – apart from a reduction in bag size to 350g, the biscuits have a more uniform, ‘manufactured’ shape than shown in your picture.

    On my doughiness vs airiness scale, they’re very much at the airy end of the spectrum, while lacking a melt-in-mouth effect. The briefest dip in coffee will soak them. The Premier variety taste more doughy to me (which is my preference), though perhaps it’s largely because of the higher volume of chocolate.

    These ones score a four out of ten, from me 🙂

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