TeeVee Snacks – Wafer bites

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Representing a kind of foray into the no-mans-land between biscuits and chocolates, these small square biscuits are designed for snacking, presumably whilst watching the teevee. They come in a rather smart box reminiscent of the packaging those miniature version of chocolate bars come in, so it’s a clear assault on that category that Arnott’s are making, rather than the regular biscuit market.

I did for that reason ponder whether to review them or not; however I was heartened by the small print which declares ‘160g net biscuits’. Arnott’s might be trying to confuse the issue with the ‘snack’ nomenclature, but it seems the legal department insisted that they were indeed biscuits, and had to be marked as such.

The variety that I sampled was ‘wafer bites’ . This may seem odd when you consider my prejudices against wafers, but this slightly damaged, dented packet was 30% off at my local supermarket and I am a sucker for a bargain.

They are packed in a cellophane bag inside the box, and I recommend that you empty this bag out into the cardboard prior to eating. Partly because it makes the whole business of reaching in to take out a teevee snack much easier and more fun, and partly because it means you then have to finish the whole box.

The teevee snacks in my sample box looked a little the worse for wear; certainly not as smooth and rounded as the box artwork suggests. This may be to do with the rough handling the box had endured. However, it didn’t affect the eating quality of the teevees. I have to say, I thought they were rather good. They are a lot like small pieces of Gaiety, but actually I think nicer for being smaller. It’s certainly very easy to chomp through a whole boxful. In fact, I think these are one of the nicest wafer biscuits I have had recently. I’m going to give them an eight out of ten.

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