Custard Cream

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The Custard Cream is a classic biscuit. Available everywhere, from every manufacturer, they have been around since Victorian times. According to the BBC, they are the UK’s favourite biscuit. They are definitely not Australia’s favourite biscuit, however – this honour belongs to the Tim Tam. Nevertheless, I’m sure Arnott’s sell quite a few Custard Creams, as they seem to have lots on the shelf at my local supermarket.

The first thing you notice is just how long the packet is. It’s a full thirty centimetres long, and because it is quite slender it feels even longer than it is.

The second thing you notice is the design on the biscuit. It follows the ISO standard Custard Cream template (part of the vanilla-flavoured products specification, ISO reference 3493), with a diamond in the centre with a pattern of lines ending in circular sworls radiating outwards. The words ‘Custard Cream’ are also present, along with an ‘A’ for ‘Arnott’s’.

They are quite crumbly, so care has to be taken when eating them as they can create a lot of crumbs. The two parts can easily be broken apart to reveal the vanilla-flavoured cream centre; however doing this is a real breach of etiquette and not recommended in polite company.

They taste like custard creams. Crumbly, sweet biscuits with a vanilla flavoured cream centre. There’s not much more to say about them really. They are quite nice – definitely one of the better varieties of custard creams, although the degree of international standardisation for custard creams means that there isn’t a huge variation between manufacturers.

A solid six out of ten, I think.

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