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When you google ‘Gaiety’ you find out that it means ‘a state of joyful exuberance’.  I wonder if this is how the Arnott’s recipe development team felt as they came up with this biscuit? I have a picture of white-coated, normally rather serious food economists and biscuit technitions dancing around the lab egging ech other on.

‘Another layer of wafer? Why not – lets go crazy!’

‘Oooh, yes, more chocolate! Really smother it!’

The result of all this exuberance is a quite tall, squarish wafer biscuit coated in milk chocolate. There are five layers of wafer, sandwiched together with chocolate cream.

So how does it all work? Well, it’s a bit odd. You could best sum up this biscuit by calling it ‘not quite a Tim Tam‘. It has the same chocolate coating and the same chocolate cream – but instead of the crunchy Tim Tam biscuit it has layers of crispy wafer.

The Tim Tam is definitely a superior biscuit. So why would anyone buy these? I mean, they are quite nice; really rather pleasant. And that’s even allowing for my prejudices about wafers. But if your hand was hovering over these in the supermarket, you’d surely find yourself picking the Tim Tams from the next shelf instead.

Perhaps there are people out there who just love wafers. If you are one of them, and can explain why you prefer these biscuits to Tim Tams, please let me know – I’ll send you a packet of Gaiety biscuits for your trouble. In the meantime, I’ll give these a six out of ten.

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  1. […] of the teevees. I have to say, I thought they were rather good. They are a lot like small pieces of Gaiety, but actually I think nicer for being smaller. It’s certainly very easy to chomp through a […]

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