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What do the apostrophes in ‘Malt’O’milk’ represent? If they represent missing letters, then presumably the un-contracted name of these biscuits has a middle word with an ‘O’ in the middle. Malt More Milk? Malt Sour MIlk?

Or perhaps they are quote marks rather than apostrophes, perhaps referring to someone’s name. However, I only know of one literary character called ‘O’, and it seems very unlikely that Arnott’s would name a biscuit after her.

Or perhaps the type of malt that finally was considered perfect and ready for production during development of these biscuits was the fifteenth variety, after ‘Malt ‘A’ Milk’, ‘Malt ‘B’ Milk’ and so on.

Anyway, they are quite a thin, dark biscuit, with the words ‘Malt’O’Milk’ written on them in wavy writing. (If you are from the UK, these biscuits will not be what you are expecting. This is because in the UK there is a biscuit called ‘Malted Milk’, which is actually kind of like a thin Scotch Finger, bit with a picture of a cow and a pig and a milk churn on it. These are not at all like that, as you will see.)

They are quite crunchy with a high bake, with a sort of slightly spicy taste; the maltiness is also quite distinct. For some reason they remind me of those little biscuits you sometimes get in foil wrappers when you order a coffee in France.

The shape, high bake and taste lend themselves admirably to dunking; this is a biscuit that was just made to be dipped into a cup of tea. (I suppose, given my earlier comment, they might also go with coffee, but as everyone knows you don’t have biscuits with coffee. Not unless you are in France.) It’s very easy to polish off a while pack in this way, although you do get a lot of biscuits in a pack so it takes a while and the tea can go cold in the process.

I’d give these a seven out of ten. Really quite good.

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  1. Does anyone know where in London you can buy the original malt o milk buscuit made by arnotts? I can only see that Australia sell them bit far for me to go!

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