Triple Wafer

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Not just one wafer. Not just two wafers. No, as the name suggests with the Triple Wafer you get three different wafers in the same pack. Crazy! They come in cocoa, strawberry-ish and plain flavours, and, as is traditional with wafer biscuits, the strawberry-ish one is coloured lurid pink.

The tag line on the pack is ‘Wafers… Enjoy The Moment’. It’s a very apt tagline, as these biscuits have an extraordinary quality. When you attempt to eat them, they disappear.  Like something from Hogwarts they just vanish in the mouth the instant you bite into them. It really is a brief moment that you get with your wafer.

Of the three, the plain one is the best. Just before it vanishes there is enough time to taste the wafery wafer and the cream filling; it’s all rather evocative of an ice-cream when on holiday. The cocoa ones are next best; they do taste quite clearly of cocoa, and I can imagine that many people would prefer them to the plain ones. (Such uneducated palates.) Finally, the strawberry-ish ones taste strawberry-ish; that is to say they taste nothing like strawberries at all. They just taste pink.

Because they vanish as you eat them, you can get through a lot of these in one sitting. However, they are a bit sickly, so beware. As you get to about three-quarters of the way through the packet they do a kind of re-appearing trick in your stomach, and you suddenly feel rather bloated and queasy. You have been warned.

It sounds like I really dislike these biscuits, but that’s not actually the case. They are exactly what you expect a wafer biscuit to be; it’s just that I’m not very keen on wafer biscuits (unless they contain chewy caramel layers, of course). Indeed, as an example of the wafer biscuit genre, these are probably on the superior side. I’m going to give them a five out of ten because that’s what they objectively deserve, but if I allowed myself to put my wafer prejudices on view, I’d only give them a three.

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