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Arnott’s Tic Toc is a highly educative biscuit that featured clock faces set to different times. This means you can use them to teach your kids to tell the time whilst simultaneously rotting their teeth, which I suppose then means they get to their dentist appointment at the right time.

Clock faces aside, The biscuit itself is a fairly thin, plain affair made from flour, vegetable oil and sugar. They are iced in three different colours  – pink, yellow and white. The icing is applied in a fairly rough and ready way, and each colour tastes different. The yellow ones taste vaguely of banana flavour. (Note that’s not the same thing as ‘tastes of banana’; they actually taste nothing like bananas, but rather taste like things that are labelled ‘banana flavour’. If you know what I mean).  The pink ones have a hint of perfumed palma violets about them. The white ones seem to taste somewhat of banana flavour again, although I wonder if in fact they are plain but pick up the dominant banana flavour from the others in the pack. The icing is quite thick and crispy, and it’s clear that the biscuit is really just a medium to carry the icing. It’s even been suggested to me that you can eat away at the biscuit first, saving the icing until the end. Needless to say these biscuits are extremely sweet and artificial tasting and clearly not aimed at an adult palate.

The excitement starts, of course, when you turn them over and realise that they have clocks on the back, all set to different times. Here is the full selection from the review pack laid out. There are fourteen different times on offer, with ‘ten past eleven’ being the most common, followed by ‘twenty past eight’ and ‘two o’clock’.

I was wondering how these were made. My first thought was simply that there were a range of moulds with different times on them. However, I did start to wonder when more closely examining the ‘two o’clock’ version, as seen below.

Now, is it the case that Arnott’s have a mould for both ‘two o’clock’ and ‘almost two o’clock’? I suppose it’s possible, but seems a trifle odd. However, I then had the thought that perhaps the moulds have hands that can be moved, stamping out different times at the whim of the operator. If this is the case, it is quite splendid and a hallmark of Arnott’s biscuit innovation.

To sum up, them, there is a degree of entertainment to these biscuits which makes them interesting and innovative. However, ‘interesting and innovative’ does not necessarily mean ‘edible’, and as a biscuit these are actually not at all pleasant. Cloyingly sweet, artificial tasting and lacking structure. I’m afraid that these only merit a two out of ten.


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  1. […] aisles of my local supermarket, when I felt a pang of sadness for my now lost childhood favourite, “Tic Tocs” (a sugary biscuit coated with a sugary icing which I now know contains gelatine…and LOTS of […]

  2. I love Tic Tocs so obviously taste lies in the mouth of the consumer.

    • I would like to be that consumer. Please send me some tictocs right away.

      Thank you.

  3. Nah M8! Best biscuit ever!!!!!!

  4. I actually like Tic Toc biscuits despite all you have outlined above. I tend to scrape the icing off with my front teeth and then eat the biscuit.

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