Chocolate Wheaten

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The Chocolate Wheaten is an oddity, as it does not follow the standard Arnott’s naming convention. All of the other Arnott’s lines that consist of a regular biscuit that has been given a chocolate coating simply retain the original name – Chocolate Scotch Fingers, for example, are still simply called ‘Scotch Fingers’. Were this schema followed for the Chocolate Wheaten, it would simply have been called the ‘Granita’, as this is the plain biscuit on which this line is based.

I think the reason for this is that the Chocolate Wheaten was inherited from Westons in 2003, and the name has been retained. I have not been able to ascertain whether the Granita was also marketed separately by Westons, and if not why Arnotts’ didn’t simply call the Granita ‘Wheaten’.

The biscuit is a crumbly, whole-wheat biscuit that has a pleasant flavour that is excellent when dunked. The chocolate is the usual high-quality Arnott’s affair, although it is applied somewhat haphazardly to the biscuits, being very thick in some spots and very thin in others.

And overall, they are very nice. The crumbly texture makes them very moreish and it’s very easy to plough through a whole packet. They come in both milk and dark varieties, but as is usually the case the dark is the one to go for. These merit a solid eight out of ten.



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  1. Hi, Granita isn’t a Weston’s biscuit (having worked at Westons Biscuits and Arnott’s). Granita were being made in the Brockhoff factory at Burwood, Melbourne in the 80’s. I can’t be 100% sure, bit I believe Granita to be a Brockhoff line (later Arnott’s). The reason for the uneven chocolate distribution on the Chocolate Wheaton is that they are turned upside down on being discharged from the chocolate enrober and what you see is the enrober wire pattern on what was the under side of the biscuit. Cheers

    • Thanks for your comment, Paul! Lovely to have a bona fide biscuiteer come and visit.

      I did realise my error with regards to the Granita / Chocolate Wheaten when I reviewed it subsequently here:

      However, it’s great to have it confirmed from the horses mouth, so to speak. Many thanks for sharing some biscuit history with us!

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