Shredded Wheatmeal

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There is a certain type of biscuit that is aimed at the health conscious market. And that market, I would contend, further splits into two. One group is interested in  things with fruit that are very expensive because they only use carbon-offset fair trade organic raw palm sugar, and the other group is interested in something that will keep their bowels regular. This Shredded Wheatmeal seems to be aimed squarely at the latter type of consumer.

The Shredded Wheatmeal, as the name suggests, is made with whole wheat that has been, erm, shredded. The biscuits contain a lot of this shredded material and, without wanting to be rude, they do look a bit like the things my mother-in-law gives her budgie to peck at.

Although these are packaged up as a sweet biscuit in Arnott’s ‘No Artificial’ range (which, incidentally, has been recently renamed from ‘Wholesome Goodness’)  they are not very sweet at all. They do need a lot of chewing, however, as the shreds take some masticating and can quite dry the mouth. Indeed, these biscuits are determinedly worthy, as befits the redemption offer whereby you can send in the bar codes from ten empty packs in exchange for a hair shirt.

They are not all bad, though. They do have a pleasant enough home-cooked flavour, and the partner really rather well with a mature cheese and some quince jelly. Indeed, I can’t help thinking these were really designed as a biscuit for cheese, rather than as a sweet snack.

Hard to give them a score. If you were given one with your cup of tea, well, you’d be disappointed. Only a three out of ten. But with a nice sharp cheddar and some celery – well, perhaps a seven or eight. But that’s not really what this is all about, so I think the three out of ten has to stand.

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