Mini Wagon Wheels

October 26, 2010 at 17:03 | Posted in biscuits | 2 Comments
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The Wagon Wheel is a biscuit that has an international heritage. They were first baked by Westons in the UK;  when old Mr Weston died his three sons took over the business – one took the UK part, one the Australian and the other the Canadian. Subsequently Westons Australia were taken over by Arnotts. Interestingly the Australian full-sized Wagon Wheels are larger than the UK model (at 88mm vs 74mm). Perhaps this large size is what inspired Arnott’s to create the ‘mini’ version at just 54mm across.

The Wagon Wheel is a classic. It features a thin chocolate-flavour coating, a sort of stale biscuit, foamy mallow and cheap red-coloured jam. Really not a very prepossessing set of component parts. However, when they are combined, something magical happens; they meld together in some sort of quantum union that makes the whole thing a triumph.

Not everyone agrees, of course; they are a divisive biscuit that you either love or hate. I’m in the ‘love’ camp, however, and highly recommend everyone try them. It’s just one of those things you should do at least once in your life. I’d give these an eight out of ten.

PS My apologies for the poor quality of photography in some recent entries. I take the pictures for this site with my phone, and I have a new ever-so-up-to-date model that is far superior to the old one. Or so the guy in the shop says. That superiority does not appear to extend to the ability to take an in-focus picture, however…


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  1. […] exception that proves this rule is, of course, the Wagon Wheel, a glory of choc that defies all known […]

  2. “Eat ze vagon veels”!

    I’ve always loved wagon wheels. I do feel that they have gotten smaller over the years (I’m in Aus) – although perhaps it’s just that I’ve gotten bigger?

    The taste doesn’t seem as good as it was either, although again, not sure whether that’s because of me. Although other biscuits like Tim Tams taste just as good as they used to! (I prefer the original to the dark).

    Love your reviews by the way, popped in to read one article and have stayed for a while. I recently emailed the following to Arnotts:
    I was just wondering what possessed you to put only 1 white wafer per row? Currently it’s 2 pink, 2 chocolate and 1 white.
    I would have thought that according to popularity (assuming it’s the same as with icecream), it should be 2 white, 2 chocolate and 1 pink.
    Or at least alternate them per row so that there ends up the same quantity of each in a packet.
    Thank you!

    Regards etc etc…

    Btw – trombone and viola? I played that combination for quite some time a decade or two ago. These days it’s more likely to be violin and percussion.

    Have you considered a soft case for your trombone? Less bulky, and you might be able to sling it over your back while riding.

    And finally – I’ve set your posts on riding helmet-less aside to read later – it would take a lot to convince me of your point of view, but I am willing to read about it.

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