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I often wonder where the names for the various Arnott’s varieties come from. Did the inventors of the Kingston think that the combination of coconut and chocolate would make people think of Jamaica? Or did the development team hail from Kingston, Melbourne?

Either way, the Kingston is a tasty biscuit, consisting of a pair of crunchy, oaty biscuits flavoured with coconut, and sandwiched together with chocolate. This is one of the few oat-based biscuits in Arnott’s range, and I do feel there is room in the Australian biscuit market for more oaty biscuits, perhaps along the lines of the successful ‘Hob nob‘ from the UK.

They have a slightly rustic appearance, with the two biscuits sometimes looking rather haphazardly sandwiched together, but this only adds to the charm, I think. They are very tasty too, and also dunk surprisingly well. If I had just one minor criticism it would be that the coconut is a little too pronounced; indeed peerless though most Arnott’s lines are I would venture that, just perhaps, their recipe development team is a little heavy-handed with the coconut in general.

Still, that’s a minor niggle in what is a very nice biscuit. I’d give this an eight out of ten.

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  1. The Kingston biscuit was named after the Arnott baker who created it. His surname was Kingston.

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