Pyrmont in Red

October 2, 2010 at 09:41 | Posted in bicycles | Leave a comment
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Riding home last night, I was stuck by the moody red lighting on Pyrmont Bridge.

All of the street lamps have had red filters put over the globes; presumably it’s part of creating an atmosphere for the ‘Fiesta’ events over the long weekend.

It was all rather tremendous, although it also made the bridge rather dark – with the filters the lamps put out a lot less light.

Interestingly, it seemed to make the cyclists go a lot slower. I didn’t ride over at peak commuter time, but it wasn’t long after and there were still quite a few bikes around. What with it being so dark, it was really necessary to go slowly and take your time – which everyone seemed to be doing whilst enjoying the novel atmosphere.

It struck me that it’s another example of the counter-intuitive nature of a lot of ‘safety’ initiatives; you might imaging that putting in better lighting would prevent accidents, but perhaps the reverse is true. It also points to why putting in a green bike lane across this bridge would be such bad news – it would make cyclists go faster, when what needs to be done is to slow them down.

Anyway, Pyrmont Bridge was certainly very atmospheric last night; I hope they leave the red lights up permanently!


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