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Mrs Chillikbab was of the opinion that the Monte biscuit is the same as the Chocolate Teddy Bear, simply shaped for grown-ups. Needless to say, she mostly buys Teddy Bears, after all why have a boring round biscuit when you can have a novelty one?

However, I was slightly sceptical. And, when I actually tasted a Monte, it was clear that she was wrong. Ahhh, the naivety of the untutored palate! The Monte is quite different. True, it is a crunchy biscuit covered in Arnott’s dark chocolate. However, the biscuit is flavoured with coconut, and has a much crumblier texture than the Teddy Bear.

Other than that, there’s not a lot to say about the Monte, really. They are quite pleasant, but somehow lack the spark that makes a biscuit interesting. It’s a kind of ‘does what it says on the tin’ sort of biscuit. The biscuit that, if it were a person, would be someone no-one dislikes, but is kind of quiet and not very noticeable.

Perhaps a six out of ten for the Monte.


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  1. the Monte being the same as the choc teddy bear biscuits! shame Ms Chiliikbab shame! I like the monte but you have to be in the mood for it, it’s kind of not too heavy not too light but just right (when you are in the mood though)

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