New bike racks at work

September 9, 2010 at 20:30 | Posted in bicycles | Leave a comment
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Today an email came around at work informing us that new bike racks had been installed in the basement car park, and encouraging us to use them (and more generally encouraging riding to work).

This is all very commendable; they have also recently cleaned and repainted the shower room (which previously had mildew on the walls and was filthy). There’s still only one shower (well, one male, one female) for the whole building, but hey. You can have some nice chats whilst queuing up in the morning…

I thought I should go down and check out the new bike racks. Currently I just take my bike up into the office and lean it up by the door. To be honest, I’m quite happy with that arrangement – it’s quick and convenient – but I know some people get a bit aggravated when there are perhaps six or seven bikes all piled up in the office.

The new bike rack is pictured above. Now, I’m all for encouraging anything that promotes cycling, and any new cycling facility is welcome, but, well, do you think I’m justified in being a little underwhelmed by this effort?

To put it in context, our building houses about 1,200 people (from a range of different companies), and there are already quite a number who cycle to work. There’s probably six just on my floor.

So they have installed a set of six rather lacklustre too-low-on-the-wall domestic-grade bike hooks in the corner of a public-access parking garage. Hmmm. It’s better than nothing, to be sure, but only a little bit…


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