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September 1, 2010 at 17:54 | Posted in biscuits | 3 Comments
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Arnott’s Rice Cookie is a gluten-free biscuit. Now, whilst I have a lot of sympathy for people living with a wheat intolerance, I have to admit my heart sinks slightly wherever I get served something that is a ‘gluten free’ version of something that usually contains flour. Normally this signals some kind of heavy, stodgy, grainy facsimile of the ‘original’. So how do Arnott’s fare with their attempt?

Well, the rice cookie is an interesting shape for starters, which at once captures the imagination. They are rather brittle, however, so this imaginative shape has the unfortunate drawback of not withstanding knocks very well. Indeed, I had to sort through the packet of Rice Cookie pieces to find a whole one for the photography.

Whilst they contain rice flour, as the name might suggest, the primary ingredient is in fact maize. I daresay ‘Corn Cookies’ have less market appeal, however. The other key ingredient is coconut, and indeed they have a distinct coconut flavour. They are crumbly and open-textured, and stand up to dunking admirably well.

And, surprisingly, they are rather nice. Not overly sweet, they are really quite moreish and it’s actually quite easy to forget that they do not contain any wheat flour. I’d happily tuck into these with a cup of tea at any time. Perhaps the coconut does start to get a bit cloying after about half a packet or so, but this is trifling criticism. Really a top notch effort from Arnott’s, and one that coeliacs everywhere can rejoice in. I’d give these six out of ten.



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  1. I like them, am wheat intolerant & they are really nice. Yay, finally something I can eat. Thank you Arnotts.

  2. Hi. Just to let you know that the Coeliac Society doesn’t classify Arnott’s Rice Cookies as being “Gluten Free” anymore due to the fact that they are made in the same factory as the normal biscuits. I used to work for Arnott’s and I know the stringent cleaning that goes on in between batches of biscuits so even though the CS says they aren’t GF, I still eat them!

  3. Where can I buy Rice Cookies?

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