Chocolate Teddy Bears

August 16, 2010 at 17:38 | Posted in biscuits | 3 Comments
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A little while ago, we looked at the Teddy Bear biscuit. You may remember we where a bit underwhelmed; a rather boring, slightly-too-hard biscuit that warranted only a five out of ten. So what of their chocolate-covered brethren?

First up, this is an unusual packet design. Rather than the usual slightly stylised image of the actual biscuits, this pack has a jolly dancing bear on the front. This probably because the biscuits themselves barely resemble bears at all, looking rather more like an irregular puddle of lumpy chocolate.

They are fully coated (enrobed, in the jargon)  with  chocolate, but not with milk chocolate. This is another interesting choice; one imagines Teddy Bears are aimed at the younger generation, but here we find them coated with sophisticated dark chocolate.

So how do they taste? Well, they are extremely good. That slightly-too-hard boring biscuit compliments the rich chocolate beautifully, delivering a very satisfying mixture of crunchy texture and delicious coating. It’s like a different biscuit; indeed it’s hard to believe that there really is a plain Teddy Bear lurking in there, and Arnott’s have not tweaked the recipe for this line. However, to ensure this was not the case your intrepid correspondent painstakingly licked all the chocolate off a Chocolate Teddy Bear, and was pleased to note the standard Teddy was indeed underneath, complete with indistinct markings and a homicidal expression. (I was going to include a photo but it actually looked a bit revolting; like some kind of teddy bear roadkill.)

The addition of plain chocolate to these biscuits is pure genius, and boosts further the esteem in which I hold the Arnott’s biscuiters. I’m going to give these an eight out of ten.


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  1. My choc teddy bear biscuit did NOT have any facial markings underneath. I’m quite positive that I recently found a packet that actually had complete markings over the choc coating- maybe I was dreaming

    • Interesting! Did you lick all the chocolate off?
      I’ve never seen markings on the chocolate itself. Are you sure they weren’t a non-Arnott’s brand?

      • Hmm perhaps they weren’t. Yes I did lick ALL the chocolate off

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