Chocolate Scotch Fingers

April 10, 2010 at 19:21 | Posted in biscuits | 2 Comments
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It has been said by many people that you can improve anything by covering it with chocolate. Actually, I’m not sure it has been said by many people, but it might have been.

Arnott’s perhaps agree, as they took it upon themselves to take the classic Scotch Finger and add a milk chocolate coating. Is this an improvement? Or gilding the lily?

Firstly, it is worth saying that Arnott’s do use high quality chocolate in their biscuits. According to their website, they make it themselves to their own high quality standards, and clearly the effort they put into it is worthwhile.

The chocolate coating on these biscuits is not especially thick, but is not stingy either; the coating has an attractive lattice pattern where it has been poured, and the coating extends part-way down the side of the biscuit.

And. interestingly, it completely changes the character of the biscuit. The malty character of the plain version is replaced with a harmonious mixture of rich milk chocolate and shortbread; the effect is not unlike the last few mouthfuls of a chocolate ice-cream when you crunch up the cone with the remaining ice-cream.

It is good. Very good, in fact. Arnott’s don’t make a dark chocolate version of this, and normally I find dark chocolate biscuits more satisfying. However, in this case I think the milk chocolate works well; it complements the biscuits rather well; and as the Scotch Finger is not too sweet to begin with it can take the sweeter chocolate with aplomb.

The Chocolate Scotch Finger is never going to supplant the original classic. However, as an occasional treat they are very rewarding. I’d give them eight out of ten. Delicious.



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  1. […] in the number of shortbread lines Arnott’s make – no less than five (Scotch Finger, Chocolate Scotch Finger, Shortbread Cream, Glengarry, and the Arno Shortbread). There’s a kind of pecking order with […]

  2. We just bought 2 packets of the Chocolate Scotch Finger at Woolworths and each packet was 1 biscuit short having 11 biscuits in each packet and a space at the end. It seems as though we are being ripped off.

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