Tim Tam – Original Dark

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Well, after looking at the iconic Scotch Finger, and wading into more dangerous waters as we delved into what the Iced VoVo tells us about the Australian psyche, I am now going to take my life in my hands by looking at what Australians universally agree is the finest chocolate biscuit in the world – the Tim Tam.

Everyone in Australia knows about Tim Tams; they were named after a racehorse; you can suck hot drinks through them prior to eating them in a bizarre ritual called the ‘Tim Tam Slam’, and they are far superior to Penguins.

The whole Penguin thing I don’t want to go into; it’s been done to death, and in any case in my opinion Penguins haven’t been the same since they stopped wrapping them in paper-backed foil, thus making the joke ‘Why don’t polar bears eat penguins? They can’t get the silver paper off’ meaningless. And if you’ve no idea what I am talking about, well, that’s fine as I’m going to drop the subject.

Tim Tams come packed in a tray that affords each individual Tim Tam its own protective cocoon. This at once illustrates how important this biscuit is, and how Arnott’s are keen to ensure they always arrive in peak condition. As with so many Arnott’s packs, there is an odd number in the pack – in this case eleven. Why Arnott’s insist on doing this I have no idea; they seem to revel in the practise of putting a prime number of biscuits in packs – seven, eleven, thirteen and so on. Some have suggested it is a ploy to make them harder to share, thus necessitating the opening of another packet. Personally it doesn’t bother me much; indeed it rather matches my own philosophy that a packet of biscuits is best enjoyed by one person, usually in one sitting.

I chose the ‘Classic Dark’ variety to review, as in my opinion they are the best Tim Tam. I can already feel the flaming coming on, but I feel justified in this assertion by reporting that the head of Arnott’s tasting research unit (who I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago) agreed with me that they were the ultimate expression of Tim Tam-ness.

So what of the biscuit itself? It’s a very nice biscuit. A very nice biscuit indeed. I don’t think I dare say much more; I expect Senator Conroy’s madcap scheme to monitor the internets includes the ability to spot Tim Tam dissenters, and I’m not keen to see the interior of an ASIO interrogation room.

But they are very nice. Really.


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