Taking the wife to Watson’s Bay

January 24, 2010 at 22:54 | Posted in bicycles | Leave a comment
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A friend of mine has just come back from Adelaide, where he spent the summer break with his family. He came back just a bit too early to see any of the tour, but his brother-in-law rode the open ride stage, and had a lot of fun (notwithstanding the stinking hot weather and the headwind!). Anyway, he’s fired up to do the same thing next year, and bombarded me with a bunch of texts about ‘training’.

So, this morning, we hit the road at 6.30am in the drizzle; I suggested my bête noire , the ride out to Watson’s Bay. I had planned to take the fixie, to put my demons to rest, but given that it was raining I took the wife – it was too good an opportunity to experience the swishy goodness of mudguards.

It was all very smooth. Apart from my dry bottom (about which I lost no opportunity to point out to by riding buddy) the hills rolled underneath me quite easily, even with the heavier bike.Yet, yet, it’s not quite the same. To be half-way up a hill, and to drop a gear (which, especially if you’re pushing out of the saddle, involves losing some momentum as you ease off) somehow feels a bit, well, like cheating. And the wife, well, she’s sturdy and reliable, but it just wasn’t quite the same. I love her when she’s loaded up and I’m in full utility mode, but, um, how can I put this gently without hurting her feelings – she lacks excitement on a ride like that.

So next time, I’ll be back on the fixie.

Or maybe I need to invest in a more hard-core road bike…

Hmmm, that one’s going to be hard to justify with a new baby just weeks away!

(PS Where was youse all? Too soft to ride in the rain? We must have seen no more than three other cyclists all morning!)

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