Kamakaze pedestrian

August 27, 2009 at 22:39 | Posted in bicycles | Leave a comment
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I left work early today, as I was feeling crook. Because I was feeling crook, several people told me to ‘ride safely’.

It must have jinxed me, as I was knocked off my bike shortly after setting off. I was going down Miller St approaching the Pac Hwy, and there were some peds crossing in front of me. Most of them saw me coming and either stopped or scuttled across. As I got closer, one guy just stepped off the central curb where we had been waiting with his mates, and started sauntering across whilst looking completely in the wrong direction.

I hit the brakes and shouted ‘STOP!’ and ‘NO!” at him very loudly, but he was oblivious and just kept looking the wrong way. it was one of those ‘is he going to keep moving, so I should try and go behind him vs is he going to look round and stop so I should go in front?’ dilemmas.

I chose the latter. And he didn’t stop. So I ran into him. I’d slowed right down by that point, but he still managed to knock me off, leaving me sprawled in the road. He muttered a quick ‘sorry, sorry’ and ran off, whist I stood up and let rip with, I am ashamed to say, some rather colourful language.

I grazed by elbows, but I was more concerned about the paintwork on my beautiful new bike. All OK, except for a scratch on the black anodised finish on the rack.

Dratted pedestrians! The media gets obsessed with cyclists hitting pedestrians, but I reckon the reverse situation – a ped hits a cyclists and the cyclist is worse off – is much more common. Still, if I’d been driving a car he’d probably be dead. So I can say that I saved someone’s life today by riding rather than driving!


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