New Bicycle!

May 20, 2009 at 13:41 | Posted in bicycles | 1 Comment
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So I have a new bicycle. I wanted something I could use for longer rides, light touring, getting groceries etc.

I looked at the Surly LHT, but by the time it was fitted with STI and the gearing I wanted, it was all getting too expensive..

I then fell briefly in love with the Masi Randonneur. Actually I still like it, and probably would choose it over the LHT (similar type of thing, but with mudguards and a much prettier paint job). But it has bar end shifters, and I wanted STI.

The Casseroll triple was always there in the background, taunting me, as it was closest to what I wanted – a versatile bike that I could use for commuting, getting groceries and light touring; it has mudguards, 105 gearing with STI, is comfy, pretty and a good price.

For sure, it’s not a 100% tourer like the other two; the chainstays are a bit shorter, and there’s no front pannier mounts. But it does what I want.

The only sticking point was that I have one already – my beloved fixie. And it just seemed odd buying another one. But I was convinced. So now I own two Casserolls!

Salsa Casseroll Triple

The serial number is M9020391

Serial no


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  1. Cool Bike ! Great blog!

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