Human vs Internal Combustion

May 15, 2009 at 22:31 | Posted in bicycles | Leave a comment
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I was riding home this evening, and there was one of those bikes modded with a small petrol engine in the bunch going through the lights at Pyrmont.

I followed him towards Anzac Bridge. As we approached the on-ramp, another cyclist overtook me and tucked in behind him.

We all proceeded up the spiral ramp thing at quite a clip, then at the top the cyclist made his move, pulling alongside the petrolhead to overtake. Petrol guy accelerated, and the two of them proceeded to race up the bridge. I followed for a short while, but couldn’t keep up.

The cyclist was out of the saddle and going really hard, but was matching petrol guy.

Part of me salutes the cyclist for some awesome climbing. That was some pace you put on, into a fairly strong headwind.

Part of me thinks the whole thing was inappropriate for an SUP; they were going too fast. To be fair, pedestrian traffic was light, and there weren’t any peds on the ramp. But I’m sure there were later on, and I wonder how much attention our two racers were paying to their surroundings.

And part of me is aggravated by those dratted conversions; they are noisy, they smell, and in the main they are ridden too fast by people who have lost their car licenses. (Well, I’m extrapolating that last point from a sample of one, but hey).


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